Friday, April 15, 2005

a place where clocks have no meaning.....

I've found several places where clocks have no meaning: our house, when the bride or the girls look at them; our church, when it's time to start the 9:15 worship service on Sunday mornings; and a doctor's office.

When I made my doctor's appointment 2 months ago, I made the assumption that a 7:30 AM appointment would be great for two reasons. First, since I have to have bloodwork done and can't eat before going to the doctor, I won't have to feel light-headed as long during the day. Second, by being the first appointment, I can get in, get out and be gone. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, it's done. The first assumption worked, the second didn't. Big surprise.

I cruised into the reception area at 7:20 feeling good since I was the first one there. Literally the first one there, no receptionists. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I believe receptionists are essential in a reception area. 7:30 rolls around, still no receptionists, but three more patients. 7:40, still no one to sign us in. At around 7:45 a nurse-type person, sensing our frustration, tried to help us. Like any good health care employee, she had us all fill out a form. At 8:05, my doctor comes to the door and has me come on back. He apologized for my wait. Apparently the nursing staff and others had a meeting this morning, and neglected to be back at their stations to take care of patients. Minor detail.

I really like my doctor. I've gone to him for 12-15 years, and we have a good doctor-patient relationship. He asks about the family, mutual friends, etc. Very nice guy. But just once I'd love to bill him for my time. I'm thinking of keeping a running record of all the time I've been delayed and handing him an invoice. Who knows, maybe I'll add up enough time and get a free colonoscopy one of these days.....

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