Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wowwee, alive elvis.....

I saw this product yesterday and felt the need to share it with everyone. Read about it, then be sure to click on the link and watch a short product demonstration video.....

Capturing the magic of this monumental performer, Wowwee Alive Elvis is a lifelike singing and talking bust of the best selling solo artist in U.S. history. Motion captured facial animations and a leather jacket styled from the "Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special" complete the most authentic recreation ever of this legendary artist. Whether you're his greatest fan or new to the man and his music, you can listen to, sing along with and learn more about the life of the man known as "The King of Rock and Roll".
Alive (Taking care of business) mode: Elvis animates autonomously, tracks movement and makes the occasional famous Elvis remark.
Song mode: Select a song and let Elvis entertain you.
Monologue mode: Hear about the life and times of Elvis, in his own words.
Sing through (Share the spotlight) mode: Plug in a microphone (not included) and song cartridge to sing along with Elvis, or turn his vocals down and sing along with the track.
Microphone shaped remote control:
Access functions: volume, play/pause, song and monologue selector
select a mode
External music playback: Plug in an external music source and enjoy the music with Elvis.
Song and Monologue Cartridge #1: Elvis comes alive, recounting 37 monologues about his life and singing eight of his best loved songs, including:
Thats All Right
Hound Dog
Heartbreak Hotel
Love Me Tender
Jailhouse Rock
Blue Suede Shoes
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Power source: 2A AC/DC adaptor included or 8 D and 3 AAA batteries (not included)

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