Friday, June 13, 2008

beach countdown.....

We're doing a different beach trip this year. Instead of going to North Myrtle we're heading to Seaside in Florida. We leave in about 2 weeks.

It'll be different for us this year without the Moffitts. We'll miss them, but I'm sure we'll vacation together again someday soon. It'll also be a little different filling up the van with gas this year. I figure if we eat every other day instead of every day while we're gone, we should be alright. Plus we'll be in a house this year instead of a condo. More room for everybody. Being the only male among 5 other women, this will come in handy for me.

Different can be good, and I'm sure it will be. I really fell in love with the town of Seaside last year. It's a beautiful little beach town. Let the countdown begin.....

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Anonymous said...

Kudos Wade!!! Change is good!!!Can't wait to see you and the girls!!!!

love ya,