Monday, February 04, 2008

soundtrack moment.....

I've heard people talk about what the soundtrack of their life would sound like if they had one. Mine would be filled with music from Billy Joel, Don Henley, Paul McCartney and Ray Charles, throw in a little Van Halen, John Hiatt and Taylor Hicks, and a dash of Van Morrison, Sinatra and David Gray.

I had a soundtrack moment last Friday while out at lunch. I went to Kroger's to stock up on some caffiene. As I pushed the cart to the self-checkout line, I passed by a very tall woman at one of the registers. "Wow," I thought, "That's one tall lady." While I scanned my four 12-packs. I overhead the lady saying something to herself. "Hmm," I pondered to myself, "She sure does have a deep voice." I glanced over towards this lady. She looked at me, smiled and said, "Hi!"

At that very moment, Aerosmith started playing in my head. "Dude Looks Like a Lady". She/he appeared to be a transvestite. A tranny. A tranny old enough to be a granny. So as Steven Tyler sang in my head, I stood there looking at a dude who looked like a lady, only the dude was a lady. Or maybe the lady was a dude.


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