Wednesday, February 13, 2008

looks like another no snow winter.....

I listen to 91.3 The Summit during the day at work. They're a public radio station out of Akron, Ohio, so there are no commercials. About the only thing that interrupts the music is the voice of a DJ giving a weather report.

Akron's been getting alot of snow lately. I heard all day yesterday that they were under a snow advisory, with possible accumulations of 6-10". When they talk about that kind of snow, they're pretty calm about it. No big deal. Any amount of snow in Middle Tennessee makes the television stations go nuts and it's all they talk about. World crisis? Forget about that, we might have an inch of snow tonight! People head home and huddle in front of their televisions to watch the forecast, like they're afraid the world is coming to an end. (Well, they go to Krogers first to buy milk and toilet paper. Then they go home.)

I miss the kind of snow that I grew up seeing in Kingsport. The kind of snow that would shut a school system down for almost a month. The kind of thick, heavy snow with big, huge flakes that you can watch fall gracefully from the sky. I miss sled-riding, road-closing, snowman-making snow.
There's still a little bit of cold weather time left. Hope we get some of the white stuff before it's over.....

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