Tuesday, February 26, 2008

oh, well.....

Here's the thing - I hate losing to Vanderbilt, regardless of the sport.  I will admit that they deserved to win because they played smarter basketball.  But I still hate losing to Vanderbilt.

And I hate the way Memorial Gym is laid out.  There may be other gyms configured like that, but I've never seen any others.  It really gives the home team a huge advantage.  

The game just ended and I'm too wound up to go straight to bed.  Thought we had a chance towards the end of the game, but it didn't happen.  I thought early on that the game was called way too tight, leaning a bit towards Vandy, but it's just normal that you get more calls at home.  And we came out way too flat.

Foster played a great game, but so did Lofton.  I'm not sure why Jujuan Smith didn't get more involved in tonight's offense.

Time for the Big Orange to get back to Knoxville and rest up for Kentucky.....

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