Thursday, March 17, 2005

then, 480 months later.....

I love the movie "City Slickers." One of my favorite lines is when Mitch's mom calls him early in the morning on his 39th birthday and gives him his age in months. Something like, "468 months ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy....." The whole time, Mitch and his wife are mouthing the words as his mom is speaking.

So, 480 months ago today, my bride was born. Just in case you haven't picked up on it before, let me tell you what comes to mind when I think about her:

Patient - wonder why this one popped into my mind first?
Genuine - I'm not sure that she could have an ulterior motive if she tried
Caring - she's the first one to cry during "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"
Giving - like most moms, her wardrobe is usually the last to have things added to it
Happy - yeah, even with someone like me around!

I've known my bride for over 18 years now. Even though it's not very romantic, I've always called her my "balancing feature." Her personality is more laid-back and even-tempered; I'm Type A, completely. She makes up for my quirks. And if she had any quirks, she knows I'd make up for them for her. I'm glad that I've gotten to be a part of her life for 18 years, and I'm looking forward to the next 50 with her.

Oh, yeah, and I love her very much. Happy Birthday, bride o' mine!

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