Wednesday, March 16, 2005

gotta' be sara.....

There are many things in life for which I am very grateful. Today marks another reason to be thankful. Because ten years ago today, God blessed the bride and me with Sara.

It's amazing how two children in the same family can be so different. Meg was the kind of child who never really got into things. She didn't use crayonS on the walls, or make messes on a regular basis. (Except for the time with the stuff frog, but that's a story for another time.) She slept through the night at about 5 weeks. Sara? Very different. At four months old, I can remember still lying on a twin bed in her room with Sara on my chest, just trying to get her to sleep. This went on for seemingly months.

Two things that I remember about Sara growing up - she's was (and still is, for the most part) an instigator, and she always tries to diffuse tension with humor. (Not quite sure where she gets that from.)

Her instigation skills began at an early age. She was about 18 months old, still toddling around more than walking. Sara and Meg were in the living room at our old house. Meg was minding her own business, laying in the floor watching television. She was on her back with her hands behind her head. Sara came toddling by, looked at Meg, grinned and promptly stepped on her stomach. I think it surprised Meg more than it hurt her, but it was still at least an uncomfortable feeling. As Sara strolled past Meg, she glanced back with a look that said, "Yeah, I just did that. What are you going to do about it??????"

One afternoon when Sara was about three, I had come home and was changing clothes in my bedroom. As I was hanging things up in the closet, I can't remember exactly what she was doing, but I kept telling Sara to stop doing whatever it was she was doing. After about 3 warnings, she was still at it. I picked her up, put my face right in front of hers, and said, "Sara, I said to stop it!" She looked at me, paused with perfect comedic timing, pinched my nose and said "HONK!" To this day, I still don't know where that came from. Of course, a parent (especially a dad) can only hold laughter in for just so long. I think I was able to go 2.3 seconds before laughing.

It's hard to believe that she's ten today. I remember being in the hospital ten years ago today. We got there at 6:00, and by 6:45 we were in a room and ready to get things going. After getting the petosin drip going, and having the epidural procedure done, we knew it wouldn't be long. At 10:56 AM, Sara Beth Stapleton was born. Grandparents and family members crowded in the family waiting area. It was only the second time I'd ever seen my father-in-law shed tears; the first time was about five years earlier when Meg was born.

The first ten years have flown by. I've seen her go from a baby with no hair (until she was about 15 months old) to a beautiful young lady with gorgeous natural curls. She has a tender heart, and can't stand to see people hurt. Yet with a gleam in her eye, she can torture her older sister. She's growing into a warm, caring, lovely young lady. And I can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring.


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