Tuesday, February 01, 2005

what a difference a year makes.....

Saturday, I did something that I would have never done a year ago. This could mean that I'm (gasp!) maturing. Since maturity is sort of uncharted waters for me, I'm proceeding with caution.

The bride went out furniture shopping Saturday morning with her mom and cousin. She'd been looking for a coffee table for several months, and went north of Nashville to a furniture store. (OK, enough suspense on the coffee table - SHE BOUGHT ONE! I slept so much better Saturday night.) It was a cold, rainy day for all of middle Tennessee. I rolled out of bed, got the paper, then read it while getting my caffiene fix. The bride left around 8:30, and I did a few things around the kitchen and den. Then, at around 9:00, I put in 5 light jazz cd's, plopped in my leather recliner, and.......I started reading! In fact, I read for about 3 hours that day. 365 days ago, I would have laughed if someone had suggested that I sit down and read a book. Now, I find quite a bit of enjoyment in reading.

I finished up the book, The King of Torts, last night. Very good book! I had hoped for a different ending, but even so, a very good book. In the past 6 months, I've read 8 of Grisham's 17 books, so I'll go for number 9 at the Brentwood library after work.

I guess this maturity thing isn't all that bad. Besides, if I don't like it, I can always go back, right?

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