Wednesday, February 16, 2005

hey, that's alan.....

Not only should you not take sinus medicine before going into a software demo where the lights are dimmed, but you should never schedule software demos on back-to-back days.

So I'm sitting in on this one alone. I'm watching software and hardware work together and store documents digitally. I went into the demo 99.9% sure that I wouldn't do business with this company, but the salesman caught me with my guard down a couple of weeks ago and I agreed to an appointment.

Have you ever meet someone and know he looks familiar but you can't place him? (There used to be a janitor at my high school who everyone thought looked like Conway Twitty. One of my friends asked him for his autograph one day, and he signed it "Bob".) The whole time I'm trying to stay awake, because document storage can only be just so exciting, and I keep thinking "this guy looks so familiar, where have I seen him before?" He's from the west coast, so I know I haven't bumped into him at Bi-Lo or TJ Maxx lately. So he finishes his presentation and starts packing his computer equipment up, and it hits me - he's a dead-ringer for Alan (Jon Cryer) on Two And A Half Men! I immediately start wondering if his wife threw him out of the house and he's in the middle of a divorce, trying to raise a 10-year-old son while living with an ever-cavorting brother.

I had the decency not to mention his resemblance to Alan, but I was tempted to ask him about it. Turns out he's the father of four and still married, so he was pretty much the opposite of Alan.

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