Thursday, February 10, 2005

no deliveries allowed.....

The local media is making a big deal out of something that's evidently not that big of a deal to those affected. Centennial High School in Franklin will not allow flower deliveries on Valentines Day. WKRN, Channel 2 in Nashville, played the story twice this morning as I was getting ready for work.

I'm trying to look at this from two different perspectives. First of all, Meg is a freshman at Centennial, and from what she says it's really not that big of a deal to the students. Sure, you may have a few high school divas who will be devastated because the "love of their life" (or the love of their past 3 weeks) couldn't send them flowers at school for everyone to see, but that's life - better learn how to deal with disappointment now while you're young. Plus, you may have a few who order flowers for themselves so that their friends would think they have a secret admirer. So, looking from Meg's point of view, it appears not to be that big of a problem. Now, trying to think back 25 years, and imagining myself at 15, how would I react. I think I'd be washing the principal's car in appreciation. I'm off the hook! I don't have to buy overpriced roses! Sure, any girlfriend would assume that she's getting something on February 14th, but I still wouldn't have to worry about having flowers delieverd to school for her. (Besides, my dad always accused me of breaking up with girls right before Christmas and birthdays. For the record, that only happened once.)

I think the clubs and organizations at Centennial are missing a huge fund-raising opportunity. Some club needs to buy flowers in bulk and sell them at $5 a pop. Maybe for $7.50, they deliever them to the girls' classroom. You want a dozen? Special price of $45, $55 delivered. Easy money. A guy walking down the halls with his girlfriend, they pass a table with roses, he's dead. He has no choice but to buy flowers.

I buy flowers for the bride occaisionally, but almost never on Valentines Day. She views it as wasted money, and that's probably one of the reasons I love her so much.

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