Monday, February 07, 2005

fast, yet productive, weekend.....

Friday was a longer day than I had anticipated. I figured the carpet installers would be finished by around noon,but they were there from 8:30 until about 4:30. However, it was worth the extra time because they did an amazing job! If anyone is looking for carpet, consider Home Depot. Their prices beat everyone we compared them with, and the work was great.

I spent most of the morning on the PS2 in the bonus room while the bride read. I wasn't in the mood to read, so I played either three or four games of NCAA Football 2004. Yes, I'm 40, but I love playing football and baseball video games.

We had to keep the dog in the garage all day to keep him out of the installers' way. He drove us crazy, barking, whining, etc., all day long. At one point, I asked the head carpet installer if he wanted a dog. They appeared to be either Iranian or Kurdish, not sure which. His reply of a simple "yes" accompanied by a quick nod of the head told me that he had no idea what I had just said. The way he responded reminded me alot of "Pedro" from Napoleon Dynamite. So maybe he wasn't Kurdish or Iranian after all.

We started moving some of our stuff back into the closets, but not all of it. Seeing nice, clean, non-overstuffed closets is very appealing, and we want to hold onto that wonderful feeling as long as we can. Plus, all the furniture's back in place, and that's what counts.

Saturday was beautiful in Franklin, around 65 degrees and sunny. Even though I knew they wouldn't stay clean for long with the impending ugly weather, I washed both vehicles. It had been around two months since I had hand-washed either, and they were filthy. But not any more!

Very good SuperBowl! I had hoped the Eagles would win, but the Patriots deserved it. McNabb, for all the great passes he made, made some equally horrible decisions. As for the commercials, here's my top three favorites: - monkeys in the office. All three commercials were great, but the nod goes to the one with the whoopie cushion.

Degree deodorant - The Further Adventures of Mama's Boy. Some mean don't ever take risks. Great commercial.

AmeriQuest Mortgage - Don't Judge Too Quickly. Guy on cell phone with headset, tells person he's being robbed, store owner thinks he's talking to him instead.

Worst commercial? Hands down.

Now to make everyone jealous. I've got meetings today and tomorrow dealing with legislative and regulatory issues. Top that off with bad food for lunch, and you've got a completely boring event. Envious?

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