Wednesday, June 06, 2007

what's in your wallet.....

After meetings yesterday afternoon, Dad and I did our own unofficial casino/hotel tour on the Las Vegas strip. We went from Caesar's Palace to the Bellagio to Bally's to Planet Hollywood to Paris to New York/New York to Excalibur past the Luxor to Mandalay Bay to MGM, back to Paris and Caesar's Palace. We had to have walked over 5 miles.

We ate at Le Cafe St. Louis in Paris. Good NY strip, fair service. (Note - if you order iced tea, when the waiter brings it to you and it looks really dark, taste it first. Don't just assume that it's dark tea. Could be Pepsi. And you don't want to taste Pepsi with Sweet 'n Low and lemon.) The waitress brought our checks and we paid. I remember there being 5 receipts for some reason. I also remember putting 4 of them in my wallet.

So I go back to the room and start packing. I decided to get my receipts together and began to do an expense report. When I opened my wallet to get my receipts, I noticed my corporate card was missing. I panicked. I NEVER do that kind of thing. Turns out I do every now and then. I called Paris, talked to someone at the restaurant and they forwarded me to their lost and found. No one had turned it in. I think I must have left it in the little folder with my signed receipt. So I called the credit card company, reported the card lost and ordered a replacement. Could've been alot worse.

A couple of things about the trip in general. If you come to Vegas and don't plan to do any roaming on your own away from the strip, don't rent a car. Too much of a hassle. If you have to have a car, don't rent from Hertz. (Hertz is German for "we charge you twice as much as the other guys, our employees are snotty, and we have the longest lines.") Also, American Airlines does not have a grasp on the concept of being on time. Southwest will get my business from now on whenever possible. Kudos to the Las Vegas airport for their free wireless internet. Other airports should do the same.

My flight into O'Hare has been delayed by 50 minutes. Imagine that. Here's hoping I make my connecting flight.....

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