Wednesday, June 20, 2007

brace yourself.....

So today's the big day for Sara. Just after 9:30 this morning they'll start putting her braces on. She and the bride stocked up on ice cream and stuff like that last night.

Neither the bride nor I had to go through braces. None of our siblings did either. So why does it seem that almost all kids have to have them now? It's a racket, I tell you.
On an unrelated note, I played my first round of non-scramble golf after work yesterday. Shot an 86, but should have scored better. Started out birdie-birdie but triple-bogied the 9th and had a 40 on the front. Lost 5 balls on the back. That won't help your game.
I must be tired this morning. I'm always the first one in the office so I'm always the person who unlocks the front door and turns off the alarm system. So how do I know I'm tired? As I approached the front door this morning, I started to point my keychain fob at the door to unlock it rather than reaching for the front door key.....

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