Thursday, June 21, 2007

ok, i've hit the countdown phase.....

Two weeks from this Saturday we head back to North Myrtle Beach. And I've started the countdown because I'm ready to be there now.

We're trying something different this year. We've done the beach thing with the Moffitts and we thoroughly enjoy it every year. This year we're letting Meg, Sara and Landon each take a friend. So instead of 8 people in the condo, there will be 11. Numbers don't scare me. Ratios scare me. Like the ratio 7:4. Scares the living daylights out of me. It's gotten to where any time I even see the numbers 7 and 4 even remotely close to each other I begin to tremble. I had to turn off the television Monday night while watching a baseball game because the pitcher's uniform number was 47. Yeah, it's that bad. So what's the deal with the ratio 7:4? It's the female-to-male ratio in the condo this year.

You have to know that I love my three girls, and Kathy and Kaitlyn, and the other two girls going are like daughters to me. But you should also understand that I know what a 3:1 ratio is like already. And while 7:4 is proportionately better than 3:1, 7 is still greater than 3.

Let's talk about another ratio that scares me more than midgets in low lighting - 5:1. That's the ratio of females to males in our van on the trip up and back. The trip back will be a little easier since we'll be breaking it up into two days. But the trip up is a one day, 620 mile jaunt. That's with me, the lovely bride, 2 17-year-old girls and 2 12-year-old girls. I must be out of my mind.

Chris e-mailed me the other day about sleeping arrangements in the condo for everyone. He said that one of the bedrooms had two twin beds and suggested that he and I take that room and relive our dorm room days from Cooper Hall at ETSU. I just might take him up on that.....

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