Tuesday, June 26, 2007

fed ex door tags obviously mean nothing.....

The bride called me at work Thursday afternoon. "Did you order something that was supposed to be delivered by Fed Ex?" I thought for a moment. "Yeah, I've got a movie coming but I didn't think he'd ship it with Fed Ex." She said that Fed Ex had tried to deliver a package but since no one was home they left a door tag and said we could either pick it up after 4:00 pm or they'd try to deliver it again on Friday.

When I got home that night I decided to track the package with the number on the door tag. It showed that it had been delivered. I called the 800 number. Yeah, it's been delivered. But the was address a couple of streets over. Huh? So I looked at the tracking screen a little closer. The package came from New Jersey and it weighed 8 pounds. My shipment is coming from Kentucky and shouldn't weigh more than a pound.

OK, evidently that wasn't my package. I posed the following question to the Fed Ex employee - "So why do I have a door tag saying they couldn't deliver a package to me that obviously wasn't my package to begin with?" Silence. Then an "uh......" followed by "um......", a "huh....." and "that's strange....." and finally "is there anything else Fed Ex can do for you today?"

I said "uh, no, I'm good" and hung up.....

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