Tuesday, April 03, 2007


All teams, regardless of the sport, start out with unblemished records. No wins, no losses. A clean slate. Those who win their first game can lay claim to the fact that they're undefeated. One win, no losses. Undefeated.

Our first fast pitch softball game was last night, and we won 12-0. The coaches were a little nervous going into the game. Did we work on the right things? Could we hit in fast pitch? Could our pitcher throw strikes? Would the girls pay attention to the steal sign? Would they get a lead off the base?

Evidently they were paying attention because we did a lot of running on the base pads last night. We moved on almost every ball the catcher didn't catch cleanly. And we stole a few bases.

And the defense was solid. Not only did our pitcher NOT walk anyone, the infield made some huge plays to preserve the shut out. Sara had 4 put-outs playing second, reached base on a fielders choice and a walk, and scored 2 runs. Even slid into home for her first run.

Here's a picture of Sara from about 5 years ago when she started playing softball in the GSAF league. I hope to get more current ones as the season progresses.....

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