Wednesday, April 18, 2007

idol review from last night.....

Season 6 has been a big disappointment for me thus far. And it's not just the OFIT who's lost interest. Ratings are down from Season 5. Let's face it - when you're a singing competition and your biggest "hook" is a kid with a weak voice who does funny things with his hair, you've got a problem.

Here's my take on last night:

Phil - Best vocal performance of the season, by far. He seemed natural and right at home with this song. Might have saved him for one more week. I'd rank him #3 for the night.

Jordin - Excellent performance. 1a for the night. But, yo', dawg, check it out - if Randy mentions that you're 17-years-old one more time, I'm going to lose my mind. I've contemplated doing myself bodily harm by jumping out of my bedroom window if he says it again. Sure, our bedroom is on the first floor, but I could skin my knee and get a bad infection. Don't try me, I'll do it!

Sanjaya - First, I'm no country music expert, but I can tell you that "Something to Talk About" isn't a country song. Second, your 15 minutes are up. The joke's over. You're probably a great kid, but you need to go on home. Without question, the worst performance of the night. I'm predicting bottom 3 for tonight.

Lakisha - You might have related to the song, but you didn't show it. Of the 7 contestants last night, I'd have to rank you 5th. Bottom 3 tonight.

Chris - Dude, did you actually ask Simon if he knew that "nasally" was a form of singing? Maybe for Ernest T. Bass, but not for marketable entertainers. You sang the song "Mayberry" tonight. One more week like this and that's where you'll be headed. Sorry, Sara, he's in the bottom 3 tonight. I'd say he was #6.

Melinda - 1b for the night. You proved tonight that if you can really sing, genre doesn't matter. The bride and I both thought you showed a confidence that had been lacking. You even looked younger with the hair and outfit.

Blake - To me it sounded like Coldplay doing a Tim McGraw song. I'm not saying that's bad or anything. I think if you did that song in the studio it could be cleaned up and made to sound great. But middle of the pack tonight at #4.

Hopefully the voters did the right thing and voted for the singers and not the personality last night. Although I'll have to admit that it would be worth Sanjaya winning it all just to see the look on Simon's face at the finale.....

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