Tuesday, April 17, 2007

patio furniture and kenny loggins.....

Both softball games were rained out Saturday, so the bride and I went out shopping for patio furniture. She's been saying we needed new stuff for months, so I told her that's what I'd get her for our anniversary. (Personally, I think the old furniture could have made it a few more years. So what if the table is rusted through? You can't put a plate over that and position it so that it doesn't fall through the rusted part?)

We'd already found what we wanted but decided to go to a few other places to see if anyone had any better deals. They didn't. Unless by "better deals" you're thinking "costs 3-4 times more than what you were originally willing to pay."

I'd had the radio tuned to
97.1 listening to stuff like the Stones and Bob Seger. They'd been saying all week that they would be giving away tickets to see Kenny Loggins at The Wildhorse this coming Friday night. As we're pulling in the parking lot of Home Depot in Franklin, the DJ said he'd give a pair of tickets to caller 9. I quickly parked, fumbled with my phone and for some reason I kept dialing the wrong number. Finally, on try #4, I dialed the correct number. The phone rang and a voice said, "Hi, you're caller #9, who's this?" I said something, don't really remember what, and he asked me to hold so he could get all my information.

By this time the bride was already out of the car and headed inside. I looked at her and mouthed the words "I won", to which she looked back and responded with a "nuh-uh" (remember, she's a fancy-pants private school graduate). She went on in and I followed a few minutes later. I told her that we now have an anniversary date, it's just going to be a few days early. I'm not sure she heard me. She was too busy making sure I bought the patio furniture.

I bought "Keep The Fire" and "Kenny Loggins Alive" in high school, and I remember playing
those albums to death. There are so many songs that he's done over the years, some you remember right off and others you think "oh, yeah, he did do that." Stuff like "Danger Zone" from Top Gun, "Footloose", "I'm Alright" from Caddyshack, and "This Is It." And stuff from his Loggins & Messina days like "Whenever I Call You Friend", "Your Mama Don't Dance" and "Danny's Song." He even wrote one of my favorite songs, "What a Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers. My favorite Kenny Loggins song is "Celebrate Me Home."

The bride and I don't normally get to go to many concerts, but this will make 3 in as many months. And this one costs alot less than the other two, so it may end up being my favorite.....

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OFIT Reader #4 said...

MAN! That ROCKS Wade!

Remember you're old buddy upstairs- (reader #4)
if you have extra tickets sometimes!

Have fun cuttin Footloose!