Monday, September 22, 2008

yay, we held them to 30 points.....

Now is the time of year when most UT fans call for the resignation of coach Phillip Fulmer. Saturday's disaster to Florida won't help him one bit. Neither will the upcoming games against Auburn and Georgia. Or Alabama. Maybe even Vanderbilt.

I still hope Fulmer can leave on his own terms one day. Maybe be named assistant AD or something. He loves the university and he's given alot of his life to it, and I think he deserves to stay associated with it in the future.

I didn't expect us to win. I honestly thought Florida would score at least 40. But I also thought we might do something on offense besides fumble the ball.

Here's my take on the game:

  • If special teams are so special, why doesn't Tennessee have a special teams coach? We don't know how to cover kicks.

  • Jonathan Crompton can't read defenses.

  • Tennessee looked like like a middle school team playing against Florida. Florida was faster, more disciplined, better coached and acted like they knew they would win.

  • Eric Berry is the real deal.
I wish I could be more positive about the season, but looks like we've got a good chance of starting out 1-4.....

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