Monday, September 08, 2008

it's a win.....

I didn't expect alot of points to be score in yesterday's Titans/Jaguars game. Maybe 35 to 40 total at most. Luckily 17 points were enough for the Titans to win.

The defense played stellar with seven sacks. The front line was spectacular. Cortland Finnegan played well and got two picks. Albert Haynesworth played through a concussion.

On the offensive side of the ball, thank goodness for rookie Chris Johnson. He's a difference maker. Bo Scaife came through on third and 16 in a big way. The receivers dropped a few balls. And Vince.....well, Mr. Young made some bad decisions in the pocket. The first interception set up Jacksonville's only touchdown. The second one, thankfully, didn't hurt the Titans. But in both instances, he threw the ball right to the defense. You can't be an effective quarterback in the NFL and do things like that. Looks like Collins will be the quarterback for the next 2-4 weeks anyway.

A win's a win. But they're going to have to put more points on the board against most of the other teams in the league.....

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