Monday, July 28, 2008

that much closer.....

Sara spent the day with me at work on Friday, then we partied at home that night by watching a movie and baking cookies. She was with me because Meg and the bride attended orientation at MTSU on Friday and Saturday. Alot of Meg's anxiety about college were quelled over the weekend. She's got her 15 hours scheduled. She's seen where she'll be living. She's walked the campus a few times. I think she's ready.

Sara and I met them on campus Saturday about 11:00. We spent some time walking around campus. The new rec center, not far from Meg's apartment, is incredible.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday.....

MTSU library

Mass Communications building

Three girls conferring on Meg's schedule

Meg's apartment complex (one of the buildings)

My girls

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