Monday, July 07, 2008

sometimes it's a gift, sometimes it's not.....

I have the ability to assess a situation pretty quickly. I can tell if I like or don’t like something right from the start. That can be good. But I also tend to think I like or don’t like something even before I try it. That can be bad.

I went into this year’s vacation with a sense of dread. I dreaded not being on the beach. I dreaded having to ride a bike to the beach or to the pool. I knew it would be awful. I just knew it would. But it wasn’t. In fact, this may have been one of the best vacations ever.

No, we weren’t on the beach, but the 7-8 minute bike ride wasn’t so bad after all. And it just took 4-5 minutes to get to one of the four neighborhood pools. The house was wonderful. Everyone had plenty of space. I learned to play Guitar Hero. I never made it past the easy mode, but I’m a virtuoso on “Slow Ride” and “Welcome to the Jungle”. We drove on the beach again this time, thanks to Mark lending us his Cherokee. It made our photo session (a time in which I become the picture Nazi) much more enjoyable. Even the kayak fiasco is a funny story now. But that’s a funny story for another time.

I told the bride Saturday morning that I could probably be talked into coming back to Watercolor. The truth of the matter is I loved it.....

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