Thursday, July 10, 2008

57 channels and nothin' on.....

The bride and I searched for something to watch on television last night. Summertime television can be the pits. We could have read, but that would have required one or both of us getting up and fetching our books. Too much effort. I had the remote in my hand, so we chose the lazy, mind-numbing option.

Have you ever watched this show called "Food Network Challenge"? The ones I've seen have been where five chefs are asked to create a cake for a client in six hours in front of an audience. I saw one once where a couple was getting married and the chefs had to create a wedding cake based on what the couple wanted. The one we watched last night was for an 8-year-old boy's birthday party. The fact that we watched this proves just how bored and lathargic we both were last night. We kept saying, "How do these people in the audience watch this for six hours?" This morning I asked myself, "How did we watch this show for an hour last night?"

Of the five cakes, four were very well done. The fifth one was a train wreck. It was supposed to be a a little boy scoring a soccer goal. Honestly, I think I could have done a better job. It was so bad that with about 90 minutes left, the chef realized she had put the head on the body backwards.

I really need to get a life.....

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