Monday, July 21, 2008

just kidding.....

Allow me to educate you on teen-parent communications. Do you ever have trouble understanding your teenager? Here's a phrase along with its teen-defined meaning:

just kidding - to be wrong about something without admitting you're wrong

Whenever your teenager is mistaken about something, expect to hear the phrase "just kidding." For example, you may have a conversation like this:

You - Do you know where your sister is?

Teenager - Yeah, she's in the bonus room.

You - Wait, I think I hear her in the kitchen.

Teenager - Oh, yeah, just kidding.

See, instead of using phrases like "my mistake" or "oh, my heavens, that statement was incorrect", "just kidding" covers it all without having to admit an error on their part.
I hope this helps someone today.....

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