Friday, January 18, 2008

ut over vandy.....

Over the years I've become less of a basketball fan. The only thing I know about the NBA any more is what I see on Sportscenter. College basketball used to be my favorite sport to watch, but as I've gotten older it just hasn't held as much appeal. Until about three years ago.

When Bruce Pearl came to UT, everyone could tell there was something different about this guy. Tennessee men's basketball was an afterthought in Knoxville - behind football and the Lady Vols basketball team. But things are changing. Sure, football will always be king and the women's team will always be held in high esteem. But the men's team it on the rise.

I watched the entire UT/Vandy game last night. It's the first regular season basketball game I've sat down and watched in years. I was a little nervous the first ten minutes of the game. Tennessee's shot selection was terrible and they couldn't rebound to save their lives. The the pace of the game picked up and the Vols took control. Their agressive defense kept Vanderbilt on their heels the entire game.

I came down to the kitchen at halftime and bride mentioned that it had been a long time since I'd been this vocal during a basketball game. (I "encouraged" the referees vocally quite a bit in the first half.) Seems that I've come back to my first love in sports after all these years.....

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