Monday, January 14, 2008

new menu item for the mouse.....

Sara and her friends have had a new place to go for dinner the last few months. Chuck E. Cheese. Yep, 12-and 13-year-olds like to hang out where 3-year-olds have birthday parties. So the bride and I dropped them off Saturday night and decided to have dinner out with just the two of us.

Because we like to really do it up and live large when we have a dinner date, we chose to dine at Captain D's. Yeah, that's right, I know how to treat my lady. As we're about to order, Sara calls. Turns out they can't be seated without an adult since they're under 16. Makes no sense to us because they've done this without us at least three times in the past couple of months. So the bride and I signaled to the the maitre d' that we would be unable to dine with them and left. We spent the next hour sitting at a table in Chuck E. Cheese while the girls spent their tokens and earned tickets.

As we sat there, the bride and I kept wondering aloud as to why the kids had to have adults in attendance in order to stay there. Then we looked to the table to our left and saw something we found hard to believe. Chuck E. Cheese, the place for little kid parties, now serves beer. Maybe I shouldn't have been shocked, but I was. Then we figured that management was probably afraid that teens might wander by tables waiting to be bussed with half-full glasses of beer and consume it.

Seems that the Mouse would be afraid of parents consuming beer during a child's party and getting in the car to drive home inebriated. But maybe that's just me being silly.....

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