Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a needed day off.....

It's pretty pitiful when you take almost two weeks off and then need a vacation day less than three weeks later. But that's what I did yesterday. Work has been pretty hectic these past few weeks.

I played the role of "old man" again for the bride by going to Cool Springs Galleria and sitting on a bench waiting for her as she shopped. In all fairness, I shopped too. In fact I ended up with more stuff than she did. But mine was bought pretty quickly, while she lingered more around her purchases.

In my only celebrity siting for the day, I saw Mike Keith, voice of the Titans, coming out of Kroger's with his kids. Nice guy. Met him at a father/daughter dance a few years back.

Now, back to work. I think I've got about 7 more weeks until I get another day off. I'll try to pace myself this time.....

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