Thursday, January 17, 2008

simon cowell loves the writers' strike.....

American Idol is the New England Patriots of television. There's no competition for either of them.
I couldn't care less about the program this year. Maybe as the season progresses and they show people with talent I'll change my mind. Watching 2 hours of mostly horrible "singers" just isn't as entertaining to me as it used to be. And last year's show left alot to be desired. But this year there's nothing else for the American public to watch because of the writers' strike. Simon is snickering.

I thought that Season 5 was the best. And even though Daughtry wound up as the eventual winner in record sales, I still think Taylor Hicks brought a dimension to the show that was fresh and new. Now that he's no longer with the AI label, I'm looking forward to his next album. (Yeah, I'm alone on that in my household.)

In a related AI note, the bride and Meg saw Season 6 contestant Phil Stacey at church on Sunday.....

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