Tuesday, January 08, 2008

football year in review.....

No, football season isn't officially over yet. But it is for me. Part of it ended January 1st at around 2:00 after Tennessee won over Wisconsin. That was the biggest part. Then another (very small) part ended when the Titans lost on Saturday. The rest of it ended Monday night when LSU whipped up on Ohio State.

Sure, I'll still watch the NFL playoffs, but I really don't have a team in it any more. But I'll pull for the Colts in the AFC and the Packers in the NFC. Besides, they need to just give the Patriots the trophy and be done with it. Maybe the Colts can beat them, but that's about it.

So here's my review on my two teams along with college football in general for the past season:

University of Tennessee - Once again, the Vols had the ability to leave me both elated and frustrated this season. As good as they looked against Georgia, they looked that much worse when they played Cal, Florida and Alabama. I was ready to see the whole coaching staff fired midway through the season. I guess I got my wish as most of the offensive staff is now gone. (Here's an update on that situation. More to come.) But I'll have to hand it to Fulmer. He piloted the team to a 10-win season when I thought there was no way it could happen. Big win in a New Years day bowl game. We ended up #12 for the season. I'm anxious to see how the coaching staff will end up and who will win the starting QB spot next season. As always, it's great to be a Tennessee Vol.

Tennessee Titans - I love to watch the Titans on defense. (Well, except against San Diego.) They dominate the line of scrimmage. The only problem is they have to stay out on the field too much. The offense is horrible. Not just bad, horrible. It's painful to watch that offense. As good as Vince Young was last year, he's that much worse this year. Maybe he was injured and couldn't run. Maybe Fisher and Chow told him to stay in the pocket. All I know is that the production wasn't there this year. Yeah, I know, he didn't have the receivers. But he had a hard time getting the ball to the receivers he had. Rumors around camp is that VY doesn't like Chow's offense and isn't putting forth the effort. Don't know how true that is. Hopefully they can address some positions via free agency and have the offense help the defense some next year. I won't call VY a bust yet, but another season like this might have ol' Bud scratching his head and wondering why he didn't take Cutler in the draft.

College football in general - Definitely the most exciting season I've ever seen. The highlight, beside the Vols, was Appalachian State beating Michigan. I don't care if Michigan did beat Florida in their bowl game, they still got beat by Appy State. Brilliant.

Only 234 days until UT kicks off their next game.....

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