Monday, January 28, 2008

ok, that was a first.....

I think I forgot to tell the bride about this. Not intentionally. It's just that she was gone by the time I got home Thursday evening.

I went to get my hair cut Thursday after work. I go to one of those places where you almost never end up with the same person cutting your hair from month to month. Since they use clippers to cut my hair, and I always ask for the same setting, I figure there's not that much risk in having different people do it.

So I get called back and sit in the chair. New lady, she's never cut my hair. I tell her how I want it cut and she goes to work.

About half way through the haircut, I notice in the mirror there's a ball/wad/bunch (whatever one calls several hairs grouped together) of hair hanging off the top of my left ear. I assume the lady's going to take the barber-type whisk brush and brush it right off. She decides to do something different. Something completely different.

Let me stop to say that I'm not one to get surprised much. Nothing anyone does around or near me really shocks me. But every now and then I do get taken aback. You're soon going to learn about one such time.

Again, I'm waiting for her to reach for the barber brush. She obviously was thinking, "There's no reason to waste any energy and pick up the barber brush. I'll just use my God-given talents to take care of this." So she blows the hair off my ear. Yep. Not in a gentle, come-on kind of way, like "Oh, I just love men with small ears", mind you. Nope. It was like she was blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. With the force behind the blow, she could have been 117 and she would have gotten every candle.

I'm thinking about getting my hair cut somewhere else next month.....


reader # 4 - Dave said...

Did you feel any spit droplets splash by?

Maybe she was trying to dislodge some of the hairs
that grow from your ears....

OFIT - how do you make it happen with the chicks?
YOU are a chick-MAGNET!!! :)

wstaple said...

I hadn't thought about the ear hair angle. You may be onto something there!