Thursday, November 15, 2007

warning to all men who might work in the building i work in.....

I went to a different bathroom than I usually frequent yesterday morning. Don't know exactly why, just did it on a whim. Change of scenery kind of thing, I guess.

So I start into the men's room and the door is propped open. I figure it's being cleaned, so I proceed with caution as I enter. I look around, no one's there, so I take care of business.

Upon exiting, I notice a big piece of pink paper on the door with the following words written in magic marker:


There's a women's conference going on in the building I work in, and they sometimes give the ladies extra facilities so the wait won't be quite so long. I knew about the conference, I just forgot that the men's room might not be a men's room this week.

I keep thinking about how I would have reacted if a woman had come in while I was, uh, standing there.....

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