Friday, October 26, 2007

vendor relations.....

I know a lady who said she kept getting phone messages from a salesperson. She ignored them because she had no need for the service the company was selling. One day she answered her phone and it was this salesperson. The salesperson, in an almost harsh tone, said, "I've left you several messages. Why haven't you called me back?" My friend told her that she didn't have a need for the service her company sold. The salesperson said, "Well then why didn't you at least call me back?" My friend explained it this way:

Friend - "Do you get junk mail at home?"

Salesperson - "Sure, all the time."

F - "Do you respond to all of it?"

S - "No, never."

F - "Well, there you go."

S - {gasp} - {click}

I do the same thing. If a possible vendor calls me and I'm not interested, I rarely call them back. There's an ad specialty company out of Memphis that drives me crazy. They call, I tell them nicely that I'm not interested and that I am satisfied with my current supplier. They don't care, they just have to tell me about the latest and greatest giant paperclip that "all the other companies are buying". I've asked to be taken off their call list, they assure me they won't call again, and then in two weeks they're right back at it again. I won't do business with companies like that.

I'm pretty good with remembering numbers, so my caller ID display helps me. I had a company call me 7 times yesterday. They left a message twice. (I was in meetings most of the day, so I checked my call log when I got back in the office.) When I did talk to them late in the day, I politely told the salesman that I wasn't interested. He persisted. Again I told him I wasn't interested and thanked him for calling.

He told me to have a nice day but I don't think he really meant it.....

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