Wednesday, October 03, 2007

miley to sting: eat my dust.....

I read yesterday that someone bought a ticket to the Miley Cyrus/Best of Both Worlds Charlotte, NC, show for $2,565. Let that sink in for a minute.


Many of today's concert tickets are bought up by individuals and agents who purchase them in chunks and resell them for a profit. The original ticket prices were capped at $65 for the Miley Cyrus concert, but the average resale price was $214. Let's compare that with some of the other acts from this year: Justin Timberlake - $182; Beyonce - $193; and The Police - $209.

Miley Cyrus is obviously a very talented young lady. She and her family are/were members at our church in Franklin. Her father, Billy Ray, has sung in a few of the services over the years. Miley has the #1 show on Disney Channel. She's one of the biggest teen/pre-teen idols out there.

But to think that Miley Cyrus, who I saw perform in a children's play at church less than 3 years ago, is now raking in a higher ticket price than Sting just seems odd to me. Makes me wonder if she's that popular or if pre-teen girls are just that spoiled.....

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