Monday, October 22, 2007

john parker wilson for heisman.....

That's pretty much what the Tennessee defense said on Saturday. They said that JPW was one of the top college quarterbacks in the nation. He carved them up like a Thanksgiving turkey. And Tennessee got beat like they stole something. Pitiful. Embarrassing.

I watched the first half and felt like they had a chance to win in the second half. But after Ainge's interception in the third quarter, I pretty much lost interest. Actually I spent most of the second half on the phone with Zuka from Dell, but that's a story I don't feel like telling yet. Maybe later on in the week.

At least the Titans pulled one out on Suday. Rob Bironas hit his record-breaking 8th field goal with no time left on the clock to beat the Texans. No way the Texans should have scored 29 in the 4th, but at least the Titans found a way to win.

Meg and I are going to the UT/South Carolina game on Saturday thanks to Chris. I sure do hope we come away with a win.....

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