Monday, October 08, 2007

if you're keeping score, ofit 1, bama fan 0.....

Where had Tennessee's defense and running game been before Saturday? Wow! Impressive win! Great day for football and upsets. I did a lot of yelling during the game, but it was 99% positive. My only compaint with the refs was the interference call against Johnson on the interception in the endzone. What the Georgia receiver did to Johnson on that play is considered a felony in 48 states.

I think what helped most was my attire for the day. For the first time this season I wore both my orange boxers AND my Ainge jersey together. Pure magic.

For me, the best part of the win came after the game. The bride has had alergies the past few days and just felt rotten. I went to Cracker Barrel for some comfort food right after the game ended. While I was waiting for our order to be brought up front, I stood about 10 feet from the registers. And I'm still wearing my jersey.
A rather greasy looking gentleman with a bandana on his head and a pony tail started to walk by me and said "Roll Tide" with a sneer on his face. Without missing a beat, I said, "How 'bout them Dawgs?" He had a confused look on his face. (Probably the same confused look he had on his face the first time he ever saw pavement or indoor plumbing.) To assist him in understanding my remark, I said "How'd 'Bama do against Georgia? Oh, never mind..." About three seconds passed and he gave me a "psht" and mumbled something else under his breath as he walked away. I'm not sure but I think it had something to do with me doing something that was anatomically impossible.

Ah, yes, on Saturday it was great to be a Tennessee Vol.....

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