Monday, October 01, 2007

new business venture.....

I had to run an errand at lunch on Friday. I've been looking for a shower door latch because ours is broken. I've "fixed" it, but it's only temporary and only a matter of time before it breaks again. I'd like to find a replacement latch before that because it's quite difficult to bathe and hold the shower door closed at the same time.

While in Brentwood, I noticed quite a few "soccer moms" driving vehicles just smaller than Army tanks. After I was almost hit for the third time by one of them, a thought occurred to me - I'll bet no one has ever taught these ladies how to drive one of these things. I'm sure their husbands simply asked them what kind of vehicle they wanted and they said, "Well, you know, we do have a child now, so I need something about the size of our bonus room." Naturally, the husband doesn't question his wife. That's the secret to a long marriage. (Notice, I didn't say "happy".) They simply go to the auto dealer, find the color she wants and she's handed the keys.

After seeing this lack of vehicle control, I'm considering opening up a driving school for soccer moms. Here are some of the classes the driving instructors will be teaching:

"How to Make a Left Turn Without Crossing Over Three Lanes of Traffic"

"Here's Why the Other Driver Gestured that You're #1 in His Own Unique Way"

"Mirrors 101 - They're More than Just Things to Check Out Your Makeup"

"Letting Your Cell Phone Rest While You Drive"

Classes start soon. See our listing in the Yellow Pages.....

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