Thursday, September 27, 2007

i think he's messing with me.....

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I hadn't been in almost a year. We changed insurance companies this year and the BCBS plan we're on costs an arm and a leg for doctor visits compared to what we were on last year. So for that reason, I decided to put off the appointment so that I would just go once this year. Next year we'll get back on a decent insurance plan. Nobody's fault but my own, I made the choice. Just turned out to be a poor one.

I wasn't dreading this visit. About a month ago I decided to start running again and I haven't missed a day since. I run about 2-3.5 miles a day at the Y and I've dropped 10 pounds so far, so I was anxious to see how my bloodwork numbers would turn out. Plus I wasn't dreading the scales as much. But I had forgotten about the unfair scales in my doctor's office.

The nurse called my name and I went back with her. Our first stop was the scales. I stepped on them, confident that I'd see a particular number. Instead I saw a number about 6 pounds heavier than what I'd seen only 2 hours before. Huh? I hadn't eaten that morning! I was starving! And I sure as heck wasn't wearing 6 pounds of clothing! I'm convinced they recalibrate the scales just before I get there. Just to mess with me. And, I swear, I think I heard her snicker just as I stepped on the scales.

Though a bit dejected, I decided not to let it bother me. By that time I was so hungry I could only focus on the Krispy Kreme breakfast I would have as soon as I left the medical building. My doctor, who could be Letterman's brother (except with better teeth), said he was sure my numbers would be good. I had the blood drawn in the lab downstairs. (By the way, I've developed a theory on nurses who draw blood: the uglier they are, the better they are at putting the needle in. The bride said I was awful for saying that, but it's true. Tuesday's draw left a big ol' bruise. The ugly nurses must have been at home that day.) Then I left for the doughnuts.

Next time I go to the doctor I'm stripping down to my boxers to see if I can get a more accurate reading. Just hope the nurse doesn't snicker then.....

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sistasmiff said...

I will put off going to the doctor sometimes just cause of the scale. I especially love it when the person taking the weight feels the need to say it loudly and proudly.

There is an art to blood draw-ring.