Monday, September 10, 2007

good and bad of the football weekend.....

The football weekend started with tailgating before the Centennial/Independence game Friday night. By 5:30, the parking lot was packed. The band and team did the Cougar walk, and the players had their game faces on. The first half ended tied at 13. In the second halk Centennial had 2 (count 'em, 2) touchdowns called back because of "penalties". At least one of the calls was suspect at best. Anyway, Independence ended up winning 26-13. Maybe we can pull a win off next Friday night.

The Vols came back with a 39-19 win over Souther Miss Saturday night. The defense decided to take the first half off, but they made up for it in the second half. Arian Foster had a strong game, as well as Erik Ainge and Austin Rogers. Upset losses by Michigan, Auburn and Boise State continue to make this college football season interesting. Hopefully the Vols can pull an upset of their own at The Swamp next weekend.

The Titans pulled off a semi-upset at Jacksonville Sunday winning 13-10. VY didn't look all that great, but both Chris Brown and Lendale White made up for that on the ground. And the defense took care of the Jaguars' running game.

I just love this time of the year.....

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