Friday, September 07, 2007

friday night lights.....

Centennial High School's football team doesn't have a storied past. Actually they do, it's just that the story doesn't read too well for the past few years.

For the past couple of years I've watched them win a total of 3 games. During that time I saw them run the same 5-6 plays from the wishbone formation over and over and over again. Fourth and 9? They'd run an option to the short side of the field. First and 10? Almost always it would be either the fullback or a tailback running up the middle.

During the off-season CHS hired a new coach, Mark Matykiewicz. Most of the kids call him Coach M because it's just too difficult to pronounce his last name. Coach M came in and saw that CHS didn't have what it took to run the wishbone effectively, so this year they're running a 4-wide, no huddle offense. So far, so good. They won their first game 30-7. The guys are having fun playing again, and the fans are having fun watching them play.

Tonight CHS hosts Independence at home. Last year's game at Independence, the Cougars were blown out 42-7 (I think that was the final score). Hopefully it'll be a much better game tonight with better results for CHS. Tailgating starts at 4:30. They're doing the "Cougar Walk", sort of like the Vol Walk, around 5:30 or 6:00. Then the game's at 7:30.

Friday nights are fun again.....

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