Wednesday, September 26, 2007

breezy baby.....

Sara and I were coming out of Wal Mart Monday night and we saw a display for the DVD re-release of "The Jungle Book". The reason for the re-release is because the movie is now 40 years old. Sara saw that and said, "Gosh, it's that old?" Nothing like remembering your favorite Disney movie and realizing you were 3 when it came out.

One of my favorite characters in the movie was Bagheera the panther. The main reason I liked him was because he was the first movie character I can remember who's voice was done by someone on television. Sebastian Cabot, a.k.a. Mr. French from "Family Affair", provided the voice for Bagheera. I remember seeing this sleek, black panther on the screen but in my mind seeing a rotund, almost sissy-acting butler. Sissy-acting because I didn't know any guy from East Tennessee who talked like that.
I started telling Sara the story of "Family Affair", about how Uncle Bill adopted Buffy, Jody and Cissy and how they all lived together in New York City with Mr. French. But it hit home with her when I told her that Julie's doll, Mrs. Beasley, actually became very popular because of the show.

Ah, Mrs. Beasley, or Breezy Baby as I called her. Older brothers are born to torment the dolls of their younger sisters. It's an unwritten rule. I used to pretend to make out with Mrs. Beasley and say "oh, Breezy Baby". It made Julie ever so mad. Bygones.
Mrs. Beasley is still alive and well. She's had a couple of new outfits done for her over the years. At one time her face was starting to show some age and I mentioned that Mrs. Beasley seemed to have a 5 o'clock shadow. I don't think Julie liked that much either.....

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D.E. said...

I haven't thought of your affair with Mrs. Beasley in a long, long time. Pink Baby would be jealous if she heard this story!!!