Monday, September 24, 2007

the enablers.....

I sharpened pencils. Cleaned the mirrors in the half bath. Vacuumed downstairs.

Little Sara brought in folding chairs from the garage.

Young Meg helped arrange pictures on the table in the foyer.

All of this on a Sunday night for what? Bunco. Yes, Bunco's back at our house.

Tonight at 7:00, eleven women from the neighborhood will descend upon our otherwise Rockwell-esque home and make it a den of iniquity for approximately 3 hours. Dice rolling. Bells ringing. Women screaming.
And apparently, we're not welcome. The bride has a "shopping list" ready for us to keep us busy during her party.
It's probably for the best. The girls don't need to see any of that kind of element in our house anyway.....

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