Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the ofit starts streaking.....

We used to kid my youngest sister, Julie, that when she cleaned windows it looked like a dog had licked them. I think over time I’ve developed the same ineptness for cleaning windows. Except for me it’s as if I’ve taken honey, smeared it on the windows and then allowed a black bear to clean it off with his tongue.

The city of Franklin has issued a watering/car wash ban because of the lack of rain lately. Not washing a car on the weekend seems un-American to me. So I decided to at least wash the windows on my car and on the bride’s van. I thought I’d done an outstanding job until I looked at my windows a little later.

I buy the streak-free window cleaner. I’ve used paper towels. I’ve used cloth towels. (I may have to resort to newspapers, but I don’t like the mess.) I never clean the glass in direct sunlight. Nothing seems to make a difference. The glass looks clean and then I see streaks and smudges galore within a few hours.

I wonder if they sell a pill that helps men in their 40’s clean windows better…..

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