Monday, August 27, 2007

just a couple of hours.....

I volunteered to help with the high school guys' lock-in Friday night. We were supposed to do a service project and wash the church vans, but we had an unexpected (but much welcomed) rain storm. We ended spending most of our time inside that night. There was only one minor injury the entire night. One of the guys suffered a severe wrist sprain during a game of "capture the flag".

I stayed inside with a few other guys during "capture the flag". We played with the Wii. They had it set up on a projector so the screen was about 10' x 12'. Nice. I stunk at tennis, but really enjoyed golf. Really enjoyed it. I'd like to try the new Tiger Woods game on the Wii. As addictive as the base games were, I figure the others like Tiger Woods and Madden would be even more so.

I slept from about 3:30 until 5:30, then went with one of the other leaders to pick up doughnuts around 6:00. I thought the lack of sleep would really affect me, but it didn't. At first. By 7:00 Saturday night I was pretty much a zombie.

The bride said she was proud that an old guy like me could stay up as late as I did. I wasn't sure whether I should be offended or flattered.....

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