Wednesday, August 08, 2007

birds be gone.....

I was taught from a young age to take good care of things that are mine. I may not always have the latest and greatest stuff, but it's almost always going to be in great working order and clean. I can't stand to have dirty cars, so I try to wash all three on a weekly basis. But lately it's a losing battle because I can't keep them clean for long.

We're having an issue with birds at our house. Actually it's not the birds but rather their byproduct. They're dive-bombing our vehicles from the Bradford pear tree beside the driveway. It's like they have twice-daily meetings on the strategy to poopify our cars. (Poopify - to cover with poop. It's a word, look it up.) We've resorted to parking only two cars in the driveway to stay away from the tree. Whoever comes home and sees two vehicles in the driveway has to park down the street.

I washed both my car and Meg's car Monday after work. I'm having to use this special bug and tar remover on the cars to get the bird droppings off. And sometimes that's still not enough, even when I let it sit for a couple of minutes. (I swear I think I saw part of a human finger in the bird stuff. These are obviously very tough birds.) So I got them both washed and they were spotless.

I came out Tuesday morning and my car was still nice and clean. I went out to my car at lunch and there was more bird crap on the hood. What, are they following me? Is there some sort of bird syndicate they've contracted with to defecate all over any car I drive?

Someone told me they once had the same problem and they ended up putting rubber snakes in the tree to scare off the birds. And it worked. I might just try that. And if that doesn't work I may put real snakes in the tree.....

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