Monday, August 20, 2007

maybe vince should have watched hsm2 instead.....

OMG! Like, HSM2 was the BEST movie EVER!

The bride and the girls had been looking forward to the premier of High School Musical 2 for months. Sara had a couple of friends over for a viewing party. Meg went to a friend's house for a viewing party. The bride had the den to herself for her own viewing party. I stayed in the bedroom and had my own manly viewing party - watching football.

The Titans won the game, mainly because our 2nd/3rd stringers beat New England's 2nd/3rd stringers. When the first teams were in there, our defense looked pretty good. We had one blown coverage in the endzone that looked bad. But we picked off Brady a couple of times, and that was good. As for the offense, uh, well, there wasn't any in the first half. Vince Young looked like the proverbial deer in headlights. Like he'd never played as an NFL quarterback before. The announcers kept talking about the we playing field and making excuses for his play. Even Fisher said the rain was the reason for Young's poor performance. But ultimately the weak outing falls on VY. Could the "Madden Curse" be underway already?

Hopefully Vince goes back to work this week and learns from Friday night. And hopefully the rest of the offense will do the same. Otherwise the Titans could be taking a step in the opposite direction this year.....

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