Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hey, look, a new quarter.....

I stopped by a greeting card store on my way home last night. I picked out a few birthday cards to stock up on for work and went to pay for them. The girl behind the counter was about Meg's age, maybe a little older. As she handed me my change, I noticed her looking at the coins.

"Huh", she said, still looking at the coins, "this must be a new quarter."
I said, "Really? Which state?"

She said, "Um, I'm not sure. It just has a picture of a guy playing a drum."

As she showed me the "new" quarter, I told her that this was a bicentennial quarter. "That's not a new quarter. That was around way before you were born."

She looked at me and said, "Oh, yeah, right. I've heard of these. I think my dad used to collect them or something."

I remembered being not much younger than this young lady when these quarters first came out. I left the card store feeling the need to use a cane.....

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