Monday, May 21, 2007

update on reece.....

I've heard people say that sometimes God doesn't answer their prayers. I believe God always answers our prayers - it's just that sometimes His answer isn't always the one we want.

I told you about Reece, our senior youth pastor, and his problems with immigration. Last week we learned that Reece's request for a new visa had been denied. He can't come back to the states for at least three years. The kids in youth department were told about it on Wednesday night. Steph and Lilly, Reece's wife and daughter, left here on Friday to be with him.

We're all very sad about the outcome. Many of us thought things would be resolved and he'd be back with us within a week or so. But we all know that there's a plan in all of this - a plan for Reece and his family, a plan for the kids in the youth group, a plan for the new youth pastor.

Thanks for loving on our kids, Reece.....

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