Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ok, i was wrong.....

After Taylor Hicks sang "Do I Make You Proud" at last year's American Idol finale, I thought that was the worst "coronation" song ever. I was wrong.

For years, fans of American Idol have complained about the songs the final two contestants are forced to sing as their last song. Too sappy, too cheesy. So the producers decided after last year's finale that they'd have a song writing competition and choose the best. I'm glad I didn't have to hear the other 20,000 songs that didn't make it.

To be fair, maybe it wasn't so much the song as it was the fit. Blake seemed lost the whole time. Jordin wasn't exactly comfortable with it. The backup singers were flat and off during the entire song. And their mics were up way too loud.

I'll be very surprised if Jordin doesn't win it tonight. Blake opened up strong then made a huge mistake. He sang a slow song. His strength was in songs with alot of energy. Plus, you know the last song will be some sort of anthem, so don't go slow until they make you. By the second song Jordin had the contest wrapped up. The only thing that can save Blake now is if all the 9-13-year-old girls did alot of voting last night.

Watch Blake tonight when Jordin is announced the winner. I guarantee he'll be smiling. Not because he's a nice guy, but because he knows he'll never have to sing "This is My Now" ever again.....

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