Tuesday, May 29, 2007

paperless society, yeah.....

When debit cards first came out, the bride and I needed to develop a system to keep up with our receipts since we would no longer be using checks on a regular basis. (Again, yes, I'm so old that I can remember a time without debit cards. Or ATM cards.) We started out by putting all our receipts in a small woven basket at the end of each day. Now we just put them on a little mirrored tray on our dresser.

But before they get to the mirrored tray, we each had to devise a way to keep up with the receipts during the day. The bride simply put each receipt in her checkbook wallet, but I don't carry a checkbook so I put each receipt in my billfold in the same slot that I keep my debit card. Recently I've had trouble putting receipts in my wallet. Why? Because of marketing. Yep, marketing.

I bought 2 items at K-Mart a few days ago. 2 items. My receipt was just over 18 inches long. For 2 items. (The bride dreads me buying things at K-Mart and Target any more because I complain every time about the long receipts.) What's on the receipt besides the list of items I purchased? Mostly marketing stuff. And it's usually not even good stuff.

Message to K-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes and all you other long-receipt stores - I don't want to take your online survey. I don't want to get my first month of Curves free. And I don't want 20% off my next ink jet cartridge refill. I just want a simple receipt.....

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